Credit card processing made simple

Here at Brink Services we believe in the practice in giving before receiving. We don't offer the main stream average and unimpressive equipment that most other processors and agents do. When you receive Merchant Services equipment from us, whether it be our best-selling Dejavoo Z8 Countertop Charge Terminal or a full-blown Point-Of-Sale System, you can be sure that you're getting the very best that money has to offer without paying the enormous premiums everyone else charges. We take care of the integration and initial setup details beforehand so all you have to do is plug it in and start using it. Best of all there is never any Early Termination Fee, binding contract, or leases with us. Unlike many other processors who sneak in ETF contracts, equipment leases, or other hidden fees on their applications we rely on transparency and honesty to maintain and grow our business relationships, without needing to put a gun to your head with a 3 year contract or otherwise. With us you can cancel at any time without penalty! Our customers stay with us because we ARE the best in the Credit Card Processing and Payment Solutions industry.

Flexibility and Value

Dejavoo has terminals for every type of business. The Dejavoo Z8 is the best seller, offering all of the bells and whistles, and it’s FREE for a limited time when you sign up.  This impressive terminal accepts the new chip cards as well as smartphone payments thru popular apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.  True EMV tip adjust, tip suggestion lines on receipt, and Server Reporting options make it a true hero in restaurants, cafes, bars, and quick-service environments.   Customers and waiting staff alike love the suggested tip lines for easy tip calculation and to encourage higher tipping.  Our Point-Of-Sale System is by far the most flexible POS we’ve seen in the market at the price point we offer.  Keep in mind, other processors make you go out and pay for equipment AND expensive monthly software license fees.  Our all inclusive POS solution lets you combine all business operations into one powerful POS system.  Combine our already great offer with our Introductory Promotion Perk for added value!

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Customers

Let’s face it, it’s dog eat dog out there between you and your competitors.  Dejavoo Z8 shines here in this category because of all of it’s rich features.  Accept EMV Chip Cards and NFC wireless Mobile Payments with ease.  The Custom Logo Integration is also FREE and we will make a classy logo for your receipt to increase branding with your customers if you don’t have one.  Don’t forget that you can also easily add one of our popular value-added services such as Gift Cards or a Check Reader using the Dejavoo Z8 as the hub.  Our Point-Of-Sale System has an incredible amount of value and is very stylish.  You will receive local service, your full menu integrated, white glove installation, and training from our expert local agent.

PCI Compliance and Safety of Cardholder Info

In this day and age the criminals are getting better and better at defrauding credit card holders.  More and more it is increasingly important to exercise common sense when handling sensitive credit card information, especially if you are storing credit card numbers of your customers yourself (not advised).  All of our preferred providers offer an air tight and robust PCI Compliance solution including breach protection insurance up to $100,000.  All of the equipment offered through Brink Services meets all criterion for PCI compliance. Turn-key.


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